Toni and the Balbex!

Beats, swirls, curves and hurls - there's no tough drumsticks enough for Toni but Balbex Drumsticks! Toni joins the (un)beatable Balbex team around the world! Check them out!

Toni joins the family of Impression Cymbals!

Hand Hammered, Artisan Crafted Cymbals from Istanbul, Turkey, which are Toni's choice of cymbals nowadays. Check them out @ Impression Cymbals. Special thanks go to Santeri @ Rusto-Osiris for making this deal happen! Picture taken by Ari Turkia.

...

Massacre 25th Anniversary compilation!

Hey you all there! We're still waiting for the injury recovery and impatiently to get into studio to record some new 'OLD' stuff, but meanwhile check out this awesome compilation from Massacre Records, which will be out on March 18th!

MASSACRE RECORDS anniversary sampler


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